Shorter Reviews!

I started this website for a few reasons.  First, I love gadgets and tech, and I’ve typically been ‘the guy’ with my friends and family when it comes to feedback and recommendations…in some ways, I was already a reviewer even before my first review was posted.  Second—thanks to my friends at Best Buy and the Tech Insider Network, I’ve been blessed with even more opportunities to check out even more products in exchange for my honest opinion about them…and in that sense, this site allows an additional outlet for me to post my feedback.  Third—and arguably most important—in so much as these reviews can help people to make a decision about whether or not to buy a particular product, I really do love the opportunity to be helpful.

All that said, I’ve reached a point in my life where, perhaps, the time spent actually writing the reviews is more than I have to spend.  I think balance and margin in all aspects of your life is key.  But, acting on this, and making a change,  could manifest in different ways—for instance, I can ramble for hours about new products in the normal course of my day (a sort of real-time review) without spending extra time preparing that review, which is far more organic and honest.  Or, I can shorten the review itself, which presents a different set of challenges: there are things that, naturally, would have to be excluded from a review; however, excluding the wrong things becomes easier.

In the first scenario above, I can either stop the written, posted reviews outright, or stop them in exchange for another platform (like YouTube).  But, I rather enjoy the ‘helping others’ aspect of these reviews, and I also enjoy the act of writing; not to mention, I’m not looking to invest money in production gear.  Thus, a shorter review may be the best path forward.

My intention is to deliver the same usefulness (along with questionable wit) in a shorter written medium.  I guess, we’ll see how it goes—but I am interested in hearing feedback as this evolves. 

As always, I appreciate YOU…this is why I write.


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