Not all cases are created equal.

I think over the years people tend to gravitate toward one or two brands of cell phone cases and screen protectors that they use on all of their phones…for me, that case brand is Platinum…namely because of one particular case that has a built in kickstand, is rugged enough without being too thick and bulky, and comes with a belt holster if you’re stuck in the early 2000’s, or you work in IT.

But, if you are like me and have a tendency to buy products on the day of release, third-party case manufacturers aren’t ALWAYS releasing their products on or before that day, and after you spend $1000 on a new device, walking around “caseless” for a couple days is unacceptable.  You can, however, typically count on the phone manufacturer’s cases, which are frequently overpriced, to be available in a more timely fashion…and, it just so happens that Samsung released as one of their many cases for the Note 10+ a rugged, kickstand equipped case.

In reality, Samsung’s rugged case comes with two kickstands, allowing two different viewing angles.  I’ve accidentally dropped my Note 10+ at least a few times so far, and the case has completely protected the phone—both through protection on all sides (while still allowing use of the Edge panel) as well as a raised bezel on top and bottom that protects the screen from impact.

But, at $40, when other “rugged” cases at a substantially lower price are at easy reach via your favorite online retailers, it’s a hard pill to swallow, especially after spending $1100 on a phone.  But, by the same token, spending $40 to protect that phone from every day accidents is not a real big commitment.

No, my only true complaint is the kickstand design: both kickstands are relatively easy to remove from the back of the case.  This is likely intentional, as it keeps you from accidentally bending or breaking those kickstands, but I nontheless don’t like it.  And, when they do detach, depending on what caused them to snap off, they tend to shoot across the table and on to the floor when they do…and, I don’t think Samsung sells replacement pieces.  And more on the design, the kickstands only support landscape orientations, as the weight of the phone causes them to snap off in portrait orientation.

It is otherwise a sharp-looking case, with a ridged back to help with grip, and it doesn’t add much volume or mass to the phone.  Both the S-Pen and the charging port are easily accessible, and it also works with wireless charging (although, depending on your charger, it might not—many third-party chargers won’t have the power required to penetrate through the metal kickstand (although admittedly, I didn’t try removing the kickstand prior to using the wireless charger in my car).

Whether or not $40 is worth the investment is largely up to you…compared to the price of the phone, though, it’s a drop in the bucket and does its job well.  I would absolutely buy this again, in spite of my love for Platinum cases.

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