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At some point when you become an adult, you realize there is something magical about opening up a new household item.  It holds the promise of making some task easier, faster, less annoying.  The Hoover Blade+ Cordless Vacuum makes such promises, and for the most part lives up to them.

Let’s talk unboxing – can we stop packaging items in styrofoam?  It is too difficult to remove from the box, plus all the little bits break off and end up everywhere.  I guess it’s kind of genius on Hoover’s part though, since the mess provides an opportunity to use the new vacuum.  

My first impression was that this product is good quality: hard, sturdy plastics and metals.  If you are looking to set this thing up and try it right out of the box, you’ll be disappointed; the battery does not come charged (or at least, mine didn’t), and the instructions say it takes 3-4 hours.  It looked like mine had some charge when I plugged it in, and after about 1.5 hours it was fully charged.  

Also, don’t go to the “quick start guide” for instructions on putting the pieces together and using the vacuum.  The “quick start guide” is actually cleaning instructions for after you have used the vacuum; you have to refer to the regular instruction book for pictures and explanations of how to assemble it.

I tried several configurations of attachments and for all of them the unit felt entirely too heavy.  All of the weight is at the handle end, and Even without the battery attached, the handle is heavier than you would expect from an appliance of this size.  The rest of the features of this vacuum, however, are sufficient enough to overlook the heft.

The “powered nozzle”, which is basically a rolling brush with a light, is my favorite attachment.  It has a swivel neck which makes maneuvering around furniture and in corners easier.  Add to that the lack of getting tangled up in a vacuum cord, and you can vacuum in whatever formation you want. The light is also a nice feature and it is quite bright.  The vacuum has a “carpet” mode that can be engaged, so this attachment can be used on both carpet and hard floor surfaces.  On a carpet surface I found it to be comparable to regular vacuums in terms of how much debris is cleaned up.  On a hard surface I actually found it to be better than a regular vacuum, although it still missed some debris that was close to the walls. “Eco mode” is another feature, which can be engaged with the touch of a button on the handle.  The instruction manual says that this maximizes run time; it is not noted in the instructions as to whether or not to expect a change in the vacuum’s performance, other than increasing the life of the battery, although I suspect performance suffers a little.  Upon testing the two modes, I noticed an audible difference (eco mode was noticeably quieter) but no discernible difference in the vacuum’s ability to clean up debris.

There are two additional attachment configurations for this unit.  One is the powered nozzle without the extender; this is great for vacuuming stairs — it’s a good size for the job, though it looks pretty funny.  The other one is the thin attachment with the extender.  I found this to work really well on the edge of carpet and around vents.  It is much better than accordion style extenders for these hard to reach places, plus you can remain standing to vacuum them.  My only complaint with the attachments is that it is quite easy to bump the power button and turn on the unit while changing the pieces.

The packaging for this vacuum boasts a run time of up to 35 minutes per charge.  We ran the vacuum in eco mode on carpet, hardwood floors, and stairs until the battery ran out, which last for just over 30 minutes.  Not bad at all, but not the full 35 minutes advertised.  (Side note, I never need to vacuum that much at once anyway.)  Charging the depleted battery took just under 2 hours, which is a pleasant surprise from 3-4 hour estimate in the instruction manual.  It would have been nice if Hoover had included a 2nd battery to have on-hand for those bigger vacuuming jobs.

When you’re done vacuuming, cleaning out the dirt cup and the brush roll are easy.  The dirt cup releases with one button and can be emptied into the garbage.  It is small, so it is much less cumbersome to empty than a traditional vacuum cleaner.  The brush roll is disengaged by turning a dial on one end and then pulling it out, which is much easier than having to find a screwdriver and open up the bottom of the plastic frame on my full-size unit.

The package also includes a tool caddy for storage of the tools as well as the vacuum, as the vacuum itself will not stand up on its own. 

Again, other than the weight, this vacuum does not disappoint.  The ease of its cordlessness and emptying of the dirt cup, plus the smart attachment options make it an easy to recommend addition to your cleaning equipment.

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