If you are a regular reader on this site and you haven’t read my recent update about Shorter Reviews, I’d encourage you to check that out before reading this review.

Toaster ovens have always been one of those small kitchen appliances (if you can call them small) that I want to have, but never actually get.  I remember a house that me and two friends lived in that didn’t have the hookups, or the space for, a conventional oven and all we had to work with were hot plates, crock pots, our microwave and a toaster oven.  They’re great little devices, really, if you have the space for them…But the Chefman Air Fryer / Toaster Oven takes both of those things (great device and having enough space) to the next level.

For starters, don’t think of this as a toaster oven.  What this truly is, is a tiny oven.  I know that sounds silly, but in almost every way it looks like a “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” version of your existing range, possibly minus the stovetop portion.  Honestly, part of me wants to build a tiny house in my back yard just to install this into tiny built-ins.

In any case, this is not your conventional toaster oven (see what I did there?)…it bakes up to 450 degrees, air fries, broils and toasts, and it does all of those things exceedingly well. 

My biggest beef is the fact that “preheat” is not a built in setting…it does literally everything else my oven does, except for preheat.  It is not the smallest countertop appliance you can buy, for sure, but if you have the space (or lack the oven), it’s a good addition; it can easily fit small-to-medium-sized chickens or turkeys, and handles a single- or double-serving of French fries quite well. 

I’ve always thought a double-oven setup would be ideal, and while this isn’t the same, it certainly gets you part way there.  And yes, it’s $200, but it is nothing like a standard toaster oven.  If all you need is a simple toaster oven, this is probably not a good choice—but with the addition of air frying, broiling and the sheer size of the thing, the extra capital outlay is worth it if those are features you’re seeking.

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