Remember these?  Yeah, I do too.  And it’s what I think of when I hear “ergonomic keyboard.” 

But this isn’t that.  I’ve reviewed a number of Logitech products–the MX Master mice, accessory keyboards for iPads, and the Craft Keyboard with the dial at the top.  I’m a big, big fan of their products, even the less expensive wireless mouse/keyboard combos which are standard fare around the office for new hires.

Currently on my radar is the MX Keys and the MX Master 3, but I just haven’t gotten to the point where I’m ready to pull the trigger on $200 worth of accessories when I already have so many keyboards and mice.

So, in spite of my preconceived notion about what it would be, I was eager to check out the Logi Ergo (because who uses full words anymore, anyway?), and much like the MX Vertical, I was more surprised than anything else about how good of an experience it truly was.  For those used to ergonomic keyboards, this is probably a walk in the park–but for folks like me who prefer slim, chiclet-style keys and minimalist designs when it comes to keyboards, I found myself very quickly adapting to the comfort that an ergonomic keyboard provides. In contrast, with the MX Vertical mouse, there was an adjustment period where I had to get used to using a mouse in a different way–but that wasn’t the case with the Ergo; I found myself very quickly adapting to the spit keyboard design, as if this was how I should have been using a keyboard all along…good job, Logitech engineers.

From a design perspective, although reminiscent of the old Microsoft ergonomic keyboards that took up a third of your desk space, the Ergo is no bigger than it needs to be.  It has all the multimedia keys you could need, a fantastic wrist rest that looks like cloth but is far easier to clean (while still being very soft to the touch), and offers a relatively small form factor (it’s certainly bigger than my Apple Magic Keyboard, but it doesn’t look like a total alien on my desk.

Also nice are the onboard AAA batteries, which is a welcome change compared to many of Logitech’s other recent rechargeable products, which I find need to be recharged far too often.

For users of low profile keyboards who are used to height adjustment on the underside of the top of the keyboard, the Ergo will be a bit of a different take–as the height adjustment here is under the wrist rest (offering three different heights/angles), and I found that the middle height was ideal for me while sitting.  And speaking of sitting, the keyboard also conforms well to those using standing desks because of those height/angle adjusters, so you should be able to find a setting that is just right for you based on your desk configuration.

The battery compartment contains storage for the wireless dongle, and the keyboard offers bluetooth connectivity as well; it supports connections for up to 3 different devices.

Also worth noting is the Ergo’s full integration with the Logitech Options software, which remains one of my favorite pieces of software because of the flexibility and customization that it offers for all of Logitech’s recent products.  The media keys along the top row of the keyboard can all be remapped to your heart’s desire within the software.  Additionally, a physical function lock key along the top row removes the need to launch the software for this more basic function (if you are a big user of function-key keyboard shortcuts), and a dedicated print screen button can also be remapped based on your operating system to make the most use of it. 

The Ergo retails for $130, which is even a bit more pricey than the MX Keys (which I’ve heard on good authority is a fantastic keyboard)–but given the Ergo is targeted toward an entirely different user base, you may find the price well worth the comfort.  Personally, while I don’t see myself switching full time to the Ergo, I am surprised both by the relative slimness of the keyboard in spite of its larger footprint, as well as how comfortable it is to use.  And, if you have health initiatives at your place of employment or doctor-recommended ergonomic accessories for your job, the cost of the device may not be an issue for you at all.  It’s a great overall ergonomic keyboard with plenty of customization available through the Logitech Options software.

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