A Different Kind of Thing

Passion is important—and not just because I was brainwashed to believe it by my last employer.  Passion in our careers, passion in our personal relationships, passion in our beliefs—that is a large part of what defines us as individuals.  Young people have passion—just ask anyone with little kids: to them, the smallest thing, like not having their favorite blanket, can have such a huge impact on them; this happens because of passion.

As we age, there may be a tendency to lose passion.  As you settle into a long-term position, you lose the excitement of being there and doing what you do.  A couple’s relationship will suffer without passion, and as we see with the direction that marriage is headed (along with a rising divorce rate), a lack of passion can have a detrimental impact.

My passion is technology, one that started at a young age.  From my first MS-DOS 80-86 computer to all of the fun gadgets that recent years have brought us, I have dedicated significant energy to knowing the latest, playing with the greatest, and talking about what’s hot in the tech arena.

But that’s not where it started with me.  One of my earliest memories is riding with my dad as he was making deliveries, completing simple math problems on a large stack of dot-matrix printer paper that one medical records office or other was willing to donate to a then budding-mathematician.  And although in high school I was very involved in every aspect of the music program, I later decided that teaching was my calling, subsequently receiving my training to become a high-school math teacher.  And now, I work as a project manager for a small company that supports many other local small businesses.

Yet in all of that, the world of tech, and gadgets, is where my heart remains.  If I’m one thing (aside from opinionated), I’m honest—and I want to deliver to others honest feedback, reviews, and conversation on the world of tech.  There is no small number of tech bloggers out there; my hope is merely that you find value in my feedback and can use it to make decisions about bringing new technology into your life.

This might be the start of nothing impressive, but it might also be the start of something great.  Please send me your feedback, good or bad, as I add more reviews to this site.


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