The mouse you didn’t realize you needed…and you don’t. Really, I blame the millennials.  All this fancy, new-fangled technology that’s supposed to be nicer to us and not hurt our feelings all the time.  I mean, honestly, how many times have you asked yourself, why do I even put up with this FLAT MOUSE anyway?... Continue Reading →


Reviewing a keyboard, that is just a plain old keyboard, is kind of boring.  If it attaches to a tablet, that’s one thing—there’s at least something to talk about there.  Or, if it’s a mechanical keyboard with really awesome, customizable RGB backlighting—that could be interesting too.  But wireless keyboards for your desktop setup…they have to... Continue Reading →


As far as I can tell, there are 3 types of mouse buyers out there.  The first, which represents the majority of users, can mouse with just about any piece of crappy plastic that is put in front of them.  They are frugal, they are not picky, and they tend to not see value in... Continue Reading →

Belkin PowerHouse

Could you imagine writing a review on a lamp?  Or perhaps the lightbulb within the lamp?  It would be tricky, to say the least—not because it’s not easy to assess whether or not the thing is doing its job, rather, because the job itself is a simple one that doesn’t come with a lot of... Continue Reading →

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