In the growing Smart Home market we are seeing with each month more major products that start from a “smart first” perspective—meaning specifically, primary devices that are intended to do some basic function (wash your clothes, vacuum your house, etc.), and also have smart capabilities to go along with them.  For instance, think about the Philips Hue line of light bulbs, which are lights first before anything else, and they also happen to connect to your wireless network for something better.  In contrast, some manufacturers are releasing adapter kits for standard light sockets that allow you to take a “dumb” light bulb and make it a smart one.   Continue reading




If you’re anything like me, you welcome the opportunity for new tech in your life at every turn.  And not just cell phones, laptops, and audio equipment—but also smart home equipment, like wi-fi enabled door locks, lights and thermostats.  A bluetooth connection is gold when it comes to your every day stuff.  A smart-phone connected ottoman that helps you identify weak points in your ankles?  Why not!  A bluetooth dresser that lets you know when you’re running out of socks?  Sign me up! Continue reading