IPAD PRO (2018) 12.9”

I absolutely loved my 10.5" iPad Pro that I bought in September 2017.  It was a perfect balance of size, performance and functionality that was by no means a full-sized laptop, but got close enough to make it a really, really great product. When the iPad was introduced in 2010, I was so excited to get... Continue Reading →

Kindle Oasis (2nd Gen)

10 Years ago this past November Amazon released the first Kindle, which brought e-ink to the mainstream and forever changed the face of reading.   Actually, it didn’t quite happen like that, at least in part because the hardware was sub-par, oh, and a little something called the iPad was released 3 years later.  But,... Continue Reading →


My employer recently found themselves in a place where they were looking to staff a particular project, specifically with a resource who had previously been removed from that project (and that resource was happy to be removed)…however, previously mentioned resource is now in a position for demands to be heard because the company has a... Continue Reading →


As luck would have it, I was given the opportunity to get my hands on a third-party keyboard that I was interested in, the subject of a later review which I’ll post in the coming weeks.  The one caveat, though, was that it is a keyboard specifically designed for the Surface Pro 3 or Surface... Continue Reading →

Acer Iconia One 10 (Android Tablet)

I’ve found that when pondering adding a tablet to your tech gadget repertoire, the most difficult question to answer is often “why:” Why do you need one?  Why get a device that only does passably well what your laptop or phone already does?  These questions hover around the notion of trying to determine what niche... Continue Reading →

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