I’ve reviewed a handful of bluetooth speakers and headphones—and I tend to rate them all against one another, as it is difficult to be consistent about audio without some sort of reference point.  For example—if the only audio devices you’ve ever listened to are Bose products, then listening to something of objectively lower quality will tend to disappoint; likewise, if you live in the budget audio market for both speakers and headphones, then with a slight bump to the quality (even if the device you’re listening to is not objectively higher quality), you will think it the best product out there. Continue reading


BRYDGE 12.3 – Keyboard for Microsoft Surface Pro 3 & 4


I think the tablet market is such an interesting one—and it has come so far since Apple really got people interested back in 2010.  Back then, the idea was that this market for a device that wasn’t a phone, but also wasn’t a computer, was an entirely new one and seemingly distinct from either of the former.  But, as we’ve seen in recent years, the latest push is to unify our devices, and maybe most specifically our laptops and tablets into a single device that can play in both worlds.  And I think this is a noble endeavor, if for no other reason than it gives us one fewer device, one fewer charging brick and cable, and all-in-all slightly less bulk to haul around. Continue reading



If you’re anything like me, you welcome the opportunity for new tech in your life at every turn.  And not just cell phones, laptops, and audio equipment—but also smart home equipment, like wi-fi enabled door locks, lights and thermostats.  A bluetooth connection is gold when it comes to your every day stuff.  A smart-phone connected ottoman that helps you identify weak points in your ankles?  Why not!  A bluetooth dresser that lets you know when you’re running out of socks?  Sign me up! Continue reading