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Consumer electronics is a space near and dear to my heart, and I spend most of my time thinking/fantasizing about the goodies I can add to my life that are practical in at least one facet.  Phones, network gear, laptop accessories—they’re all things that are supposed to make our every day just a little better because they are either something we need, or something that makes items we already have a bit better. Continue reading




As you may have read on this site before—I have a relatively basic approach for categorizing headphones into one of three groups.  If you missed it, check it out here, or here, or even here.  Those categories are as follows:

  • Basic ear buds with inline mic – for every day use, generally less expensive, comfortable to the point you forget about them, and usable in most places.
  • Studio headphones – for musical or cinematic (or both) adventures; they are your lounging headphones for when you want to zone out in your media.
  • Wireless – for the gym, yard work, house work, etc.

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Whole home wi-fi solutions are all the rage nowadays, and every major network gear provider has skin in the game—and so does Google.  Even Apple’s Airport and AirPort Extreme products offer similar functionality, and the price point doesn’t seem to be as big of a deal as it used to be.

What’s more interesting, though, is that our houses aren’t really getting bigger.  I mean, per capita, average square footage doesn’t seem to have increased at the margin that the need for whole home wi-fi solutions indicate they may have.  What has changed, though, is the need to always be connected regardless of where in your house (or your yard) you happen to be. Continue reading



Reviewing a keyboard, that is just a plain old keyboard, is kind of boring.  If it attaches to a tablet, that’s one thing—there’s at least something to talk about there.  Or, if it’s a mechanical keyboard with really awesome, customizable RGB backlighting—that could be interesting too.  But wireless keyboards for your desktop setup…they have to have something special to make them stand out, otherwise they’re, well, just another keyboard. Continue reading



My employer recently found themselves in a place where they were looking to staff a particular project, specifically with a resource who had previously been removed from that project (and that resource was happy to be removed)…however, previously mentioned resource is now in a position for demands to be heard because the company has a need to address.  During a conversation with said resource, one might advise that while they’re not actually in a position to negotiate, this is the closest they’ll ever be (at least with their current employer) to being able to negotiate.  That juxtaposition—the closeness of the thing to the actual thing—is how I’d describe the iPad Pro 10.5 relative to a real laptop. Continue reading