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I started this website for a few reasons.  First, I love gadgets and tech, and I’ve typically been ‘the guy’ with my friends and family when it comes to feedback and recommendations…in some ways, I was already a reviewer even before my first review was posted.  Second—thanks to my friends at Best Buy and the... Continue Reading →


My sleep is absolute garbage. This is an ongoing struggle of mine, and of many adults, and has been for the last several years of my life. Anxiety, depression, a questionable childhood, a lack of routine exercise, a lack of a balanced and healthy diet…an unfathomable things are often blamed (credited) for poor sleep, and... Continue Reading →


There are two things that are certainly true, albeit not necessarily correlated to one another, about the reviews I post.  First, my most heavily reviewed item is audio--headphones, speakers, earbuds--and all consumer-grade equipment, at that.  Second, Sony seems to be among the most frequently reviewed brand of products on the site.  And generally speaking, I'm... Continue Reading →


STILL not a laptop. I recently reviewed Logitech’s Slim Folio Pro for the latest 12.9” iPad and found it to be a pleasant experience overall…but given my history with Brydge and the recent release of their latest keyboard for the newest generation of iPads, I gave in to my curiosity and decided to buy one.... Continue Reading →

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