In spite of switching my personal phone late last year to Android (and specifically, a Galaxy Note 10+), I also had to upgrade my work cell phone.  Every two years we get an opportunity to upgrade, but it was really hard to justify a second Galaxy Note regardless of how awesome the performance was.  Also, I find... Continue Reading →

IPAD PRO (2018) 12.9”

I absolutely loved my 10.5" iPad Pro that I bought in September 2017.  It was a perfect balance of size, performance and functionality that was by no means a full-sized laptop, but got close enough to make it a really, really great product. When the iPad was introduced in 2010, I was so excited to get... Continue Reading →


The HomePod was announced in June 2017 in what many thought was a truly lackluster introduction.  Apple’s usual promises of “this is going to be the greatest thing of all the things we’ve ever thing-ed” (not an exact quote, for sure) didn’t feel any different from their typical announcements; because Apple is often criticized as... Continue Reading →

Head to Head: iPhone X vs. Pixel 2 XL

I’ve had the pleasure of using two amazing phones over the last couple months; the iPhone X and the Google Pixel 2 XL.  Both are fantastic phones; both are very fast and both have exceptional user experiences that are everything you’d expect out of flagship smartphones.  My goal is to lay out the positives and... Continue Reading →


My employer recently found themselves in a place where they were looking to staff a particular project, specifically with a resource who had previously been removed from that project (and that resource was happy to be removed)…however, previously mentioned resource is now in a position for demands to be heard because the company has a... Continue Reading →

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