STILL not a laptop. I recently reviewed Logitech’s Slim Folio Pro for the latest 12.9” iPad and found it to be a pleasant experience overall…but given my history with Brydge and the recent release of their latest keyboard for the newest generation of iPads, I gave in to my curiosity and decided to buy one.... Continue Reading →


I think that finding a perfect Bluetooth speaker is a bit of a white whale.  And, even if I found my white whale, it may be entirely different from anyone else’s—which makes reviewing these things both difficult and sometimes frustrating.   For instance, last June I got my hands on a speaker from a company,... Continue Reading →

Sphero Mini

Consumer electronics is a space near and dear to my heart, and I spend most of my time thinking/fantasizing about the goodies I can add to my life that are practical in at least one facet.  Phones, network gear, laptop accessories—they’re all things that are supposed to make our every day just a little better... Continue Reading →


If you’re anything like me, you welcome the opportunity for new tech in your life at every turn.  And not just cell phones, laptops, and audio equipment—but also smart home equipment, like wi-fi enabled door locks, lights and thermostats.  A bluetooth connection is gold when it comes to your every day stuff.  A smart-phone connected... Continue Reading →

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