When I write-up any sort of documentation at work—perhaps some technical project documentation or a Powerpoint slide deck—I think often about my boss who insists on a “rule of 3” when it comes to lists.  3 is his go-to number when trying to come up with any sort of explanations or examples of something; a list of 3 is not too long, not too short, and easy to complete (see what I did there)? Continue reading


Bose QuietControl 30 (Acoustic Noise Canceling) Headphones


I spend a good amount of time listening to music every day…at work, in the car, at home, doing yard work…and I also spend a decent amount of time reading and watching reviews on headphones.  Sound review is an incredibly subjective thing, and so more often than not, it’s not about whether a pair of headphones’ sound is good or bad.  In most cases, it’s a game of business decisions, where the manufacturer is positioning a pair of headphones in a certain market with a certain use case in mind. Continue reading